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RE: INVENT YOUR LIFE! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? will help you summon the courage to launch your personal adventure. In her book, Kathi Sharpe-Ross captures over 30 perspectives from men and women from all walks of life who have experienced real “Ah-Ha Moments.” From Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs to Exhausted Dads, Homemakers and Single Parents, these stories encourage readers to define what they REALLY want to do with their one and only, fabulous life and gives them the inspiration to DO it. As featured in AP and Medium, Thrive Global and countless blogs, newsletters, podcasts, speaking engagements,

live, and virtual events.

Re:InventYourLife What Are You Waiting For

26 action-oriented, practical exercises provide readers with the Power Tools to:

  • Let go of fear

  • Discover that change creates opportunities

  • Connect with yourself in a new way (or in an old way you may have forgotten)

  • Identify and dismantle the excuses that keep you stuck


Whether it’s creative, professional, spiritual, emotional or physical, Reinvention is possible within any realm.


This is the consummate guidebook to getting started.

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